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Teacher's Guide to Bobbie Rosenfeld

Canada's greatest all-round female athlete of the 20th century was admired for her medal-winning skills, good humor and fair play. An inspiring book for sports fans of all ages.

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Dynamic Women Dancers is the fourteenth title in the Women's Hall of Fame Series. The book profiles ten women dancers from around the world. From classical ballet to modern, flamenco, and Bharatanatyam, these women have made the dance world their stage, performing and teaching all over the globe. They also share a commitment to making a difference in the world around them through their involvement in dance.


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Johanna is a 14-year-old Jewish girl who lives in Hamburg, Germany, in the early 18th century. She feels stifled by the daily drudgery of her life and dreams of seeing what lies outside the confines of the Jewish quarter. Johanna lies about her identity and gets a job as a caregiver at an orphanage. Until it's too late, she doesn't realize a secret experiment is taking place that results in the deaths of babies.
Deciding to kidnap one of the orphans, Johanna sets off for Amsterdam. She faces many dangers on her journey, including plague, bandits, storms and, not least of all, anti-Semitism. Johanna has a lot of courage and determination, but will it be enough to save the baby and reach her destination? Will she finally find a place where she can be free?

Publication date: June 2012

Teacher's Guide to The Baby Experiment

The Baby Experiment
ISBN 978-1459701359
Dundurn Press, 2012


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It is springtime 1937 in the small city of Sosnowiec, Poland. Twelve-year-old Miriam and her young brother, David, live with their grandparents after their parents die. But soon their grandparents can no longer support them and David must go to an orphanage. Miriam decides to rescue David so that they might become a family again.

Publication date: September 2010

Teacher's Guide to The Orphan Rescue
The Orphan Rescue
ISBN 978-1-897187-81-4
Second Story Press, 2010

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Teacher's Guide to June Callwood: a life of action

This is the first biography about June Callwood, one of Canada's most influential journalists and humanitarians, who passed away in 2007. For ages 10 and up

Dynamic Women Dancers
ISBN 978-1-897187-56-2
Second Story Press, 2009

June Callwood:a life of Action cover

JUNE CALLWOOD: a life of action
ISBN 1-897187-14-9
Second Story Press, 2006

Bobie Rosenfeld Cover

Bobbie Rosenfeld: The Olympian who Could Do Everything
ISBN 1-896764-82-7
Second Story Press, 2004

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as presented at the 2005 AJL convention, June 21, 2005

'Why should young adults read Holocaust literature anyway?'
in The New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship
Vol. 8, 2002, pp.127-141

Holocaust links
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Set in Toronto in 1954, this gripping story is based on the true story of Hurricane Hazel. For ages 8-10.

Written on the Wind cover

Written on the Wind
ISBN: 0-9686899-5-7

LM Montgomery cover

Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writer's Life
Pearson Education Canada, 2005

Articles and Short Stories:

ChildrensLiterature Cover

Parchment 2006 Cover

"Can a Jewish Girl Have a Fairy Godmother?"
in Parchment: contemporary Canadian Jewish writing 2003-2004, pp.96-110.

"At the Old Folks' Home or, What's Happening?"
in Parchment: contemporary Canadian Jewish writing 2004-2005, pp. 65-79

"This Aint Graceland"
in Parchment: contemporary Canadian Jewish writing 2005-2006, pp. 160-167

"Degrees of Separation"
in Parchment: contemporary Canadian Jewish writing 2006-2008, pp. 128-136

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When she was a child, L.M. Montgomery loved to make up stories and poems. When she grew up, she became a famous writer. Find out how the author of Anne of Green Gables made her own dreams come true. For ages 7-9.